Normalish 2

“Normalish 2: Forged by Lightning” by Robert Gaspari

If lightning struck you, how do you think it would change you if you survived?

That’s the reality Andy faced after lightning struck him twice on the same day!He could see and interact with the spirits of the dead and other invisible entities he never knew existed. This aftereffect knocked the normal right out of him. Andy said he was ‘normalish’ since what he saw wasn’t normal. What could he do?

He sought help from psychics and his logic was sound. They had a gift and must know how to turn it off and on. He could learn from them.A gifted psychic and her aunt agree to train him and this opens an entire new world of adventure for him. Andy discovers love with his Wiccan high priestess teacher and a prophecy about the couple. He becomes the target of a powerful enemy who grows in strength when paired with an elemental entity obsessed with revenge.The experience leads him to a life and death battle with the unbelievable.

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