“NORMALISH: The Prophecy of the Thrice-Born Man” by Robert Gaspari

Months before a horrible automobile accident miles away, a gypsy delivers a prophecy:

This murderer, like none before, will kill unchecked until the thrice-born man and his familiar unmask and reveal the culprit. The thrice-born is as yet unmade, for the leviathan of darkness has not swallowed him twice and vomited him back out both times. The thrice-born will accept his burden at first and then sacrifice himself as a target. This draws the many-headed beast forth from its hiding place in plain sight. All things will come to pass and so it will end for one and all.

Three months later, Jonah died twice in the same terrible accident that killed his wife but the heroic medical staff revived him both times. Jo discovered afterward he could see and speak with his dead wife. That wasn’t normal, so he coined the term NORMALISH to describe his new reality.

Jo and the spirit of his wife head south for a change and a random choice puts them in the town where the serial killer stalks its citizens. Their only hope lies in the prophecy of the now murdered gypsy psychic. They await the arrival of the thrice-born man and his familiar to defeat the supernatural murderer that hides in plain sight. Some believe Jo fits the description as the thrice-born man and the spirit of his ever-present wife is his familiar.

Jo and his spectral companion and wife, Becca negotiate the twists and turns here on the earth and in the astral planes above. Together, they battle to do the right thing to end the murderous reign of terror wrought by an ancient evil hiding in plain sight.

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