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One Night With My Wife’s Relentless Niece

“One Night With My Wife’s Relentless Niece: OMG (The Exploits of Drake Duvalle Book 1)” by Drake Duvalle

This book {short-story] is the first episode of “The Exploits of Drake Duvalle” confessions of an attractive American jock. Drake avoided this woman the best he could knowing that he has a major weakness for spontaneous situations with beautiful woman. She simply wouldn’t stop till she got what she wanted. This series of sexual situations reveal the details of the kind of exploits attractive American athletes experience. Warning: If you are looking for a lot of literary fluff this series of stories is not for you. Drake is not a professional writer, this read is short, detailed to the point real and true. Search “Drake Duvalle” under amazon books, when you see the book titles you will know these exploits are real.

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