Review Level 2


Your image of your book will be featured on all the major pages throughout our site for TWO Weeks to help influence those to request to read and review your book!

3 verified purchases with the top reviewers in the category of your choice is contacted with your book offering and asked to give a honest review. Plus reimbursed the cost of your book.

You will be entered in our pinned book of the month contest, where your image and details of your book will be displayed on our social sites.

This level takes about 20 days or sooner to fulfill. (Depends on Current Volume)

  • This is to reimburse the purchase of your book to the reviewer for your Verified Purchase. This must match your books price to the nearest $1

    • 2.97 $


Review Level 2

Featured on front page and throughout site for TWO Weeks.

3 verified purchases plus 3 Reviews

Entry in pinned book of the month contest.

Average  20 day  Turnaround.