The Devil’s Game

“The Devil’s Game: A Mystery Action Thriller Novel” by Roman Koidl

A family cursed by the devil. A Satanic sect on a mission. A young man fighting for the fate of humanity. His failure will be the devil’s victory.

Michael is cursed, he just doesn’t know it. Hunted by a Satanic sect, he has to unravel the mystery surrounding him before it’s too late. If he fails, the devil will rule the world.

In Vegas to celebrate Emily’s birthday, a simple game of roulette unleashes a deadly curse that puts Michael on the run. Pursued relentlessly by Baal, a vicious member of a demonic sect, he has to discover the mystery behind his curse before it’s too late.

With the help of Amanda, a beautiful and mysterious demonologist, Michael has to do what his ancestors were never able to: destroy any possibility of the devil ruling the world.

Chased by Baal, Michael and Amanda embark on a frantic scavenger hunt through dangerous catacombs, a mysterious castle, and cryptic texts in ancient books, all of it somehow intertwined with the history of the game of roulette.

Following a century old trail of clues, they make their way across Europe in a desperate attempt to stop The Thirty-Six Legions of Demons Sect before they can fulfill their goal and bring the dark lord to power.

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