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Triangle Black: A Novel

Triangle Black: A Novel” by Joseph Miguel

*An Earth-shattering Novel DEBUT!*

“Joseph Miguel holds nothing back in his literary breakthrough…”
“A harrowing depiction of raw humanity up against a foregone supremacy…”
“An ordinary hero flung into sheer madness…”
“Scarily relevant to today’s world…”
“A dystopian horror for the ages…”
“A daring original…”

Damien Winters is leaving Mason General Hospital after an arduous shift when he collides headfirst with an ancient, unspeakable evil.

Armed with a pistol, a trusted friend, and his wits, Damien must rely on his strength and resilience to survive. If he is to get out of Heatherton alive, he must make difficult decisions in the journey to confront the primordial power of the Sphinx.

In a cabin across town, the love of Damien’s life is sheltering from the onslaught.

If he can’t save her, who will?

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