IMAGINING DRAGONS: Be they bad or good” by Robert Gaspari

Here is a unique book with two totally different endings..
Tom inherited his uncle’s entire estate, including an extensive archeology collection. Tom began dreaming about a dragon shortly after he moved into his uncle’s home. After a few nights, the dragon spoke to Tom because his dragon seed was buried somewhere in the horde of accumulated artifacts. Tom found the stone encrusted orb at the urging of the dragon and began his journey to become the next Dragon Master. He would bring a living, fire-breathing dragon back to life, serving the mythological beast as his human link to the twenty-first century.
The creature’s embryonic seed fed on sexual energy and the dragon bestowed special powers on Tom to prepare his to assume the mantle of Dragon Master. This is his strange tale of subservient service to the spirit of the dragon destined to come back to life when the seed hatches.

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