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Get Your Book Rated For Free!

This service is provided free to you.

If the reviewer rates your book one out of four, for example, you probably will not sell much of anything.

Most authors never even sell 50 copies of their books ever.

There are millions and millions of books out there. The market is so competitive.

Most authors fail.

This is why we need to rate your book.

We would rather tell an author his or her book is just not sell-able and lose a potential client than give you false hope.

If the professional reviewer does not say your book is amazing and one of the best they have ever read, then the reviewer will give you professional constructive feedback in the review. That professional feedback itself is incredibly valuable. It is a win-win for you.

We provide amazing advertising. It is incredibly effective. But remember: great advertising only makes a bad product fail faster.

First, prove to us you have a great book, and then we will provide that last key you need to be successful: Great advertising.

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